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Uptime monitoring

When your site is down, Botnbot can notify you by email, slack, or web push notification. All your downtimes are kept with a capture of the response data. Besides monitoring HTTP error code, you can also look for the presence of specific words in your page.

Lighthouse integration

You can keep track of all Lighthouse scores. With Lighthouse, Botnbot audits the quality of your pages (Performance, PWA, Accessibility, Best practices, SEO) and gives you detailed informations on how to improve the pages.

Performance Metrics

Based on Lighthouse audits, Botnbot regulary monitors and stores several important performance metrics : time to first byte, first meaningful paint, speed index and time to interactive. It also tracks your assets (html, js, css, images, fonts and others) count and sizes.

Detailed reports

Within Botnbot, you have access to a detailed report of every audit of a page. For example, you can investigate the Lighthouse report or the HAR capture of an audit done yesterday, a week ago or a month ago.

Performance Budgets

Downtime monitoring is usually not enough. Performance Budgets allow you to define performance goals for every metric that you want to track (e.g. "Total assets size" or "Speed index"). Each day, every goal is reviewed by Botnbot and if at least one is crossed, an email is sent to you with budget tracking informations.

Weekly report

Every week, you receive in your inbox a detailed report of your pages performance. For each page, you get a summary of its scores and metrics and the progression with the previous week.

Share with team members

Once a page is created, you can share its metrics with others, be they customers or coworkers. The page will automatically appear in their dashboard. Each page member can be given a specific role (admin, master, editor or simple guest).

Progressive Web App

Botnbot is a Progressive Web App and its sources are available on Github. As a Progressive Web App, it is served over HTTPS, can work offline, has responsive pages, can push web notifications and can be added to device home screen.


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  • Free
  • $ 0 / month
  • 3 monitored pages
  • 3 team members
  • Uptime check every 15 minutes
  • Starter
  • $ 5.90 / month
  • 10 monitored pages
  • 10 team members
  • Uptime check every 15 minutes
  • Business
  • $ 14.90 / month
  • 30 monitored pages
  • Unlimited team members
  • Uptime check every 5 minutes
  • Enterprise
  • $ 99.90 / month
  • 200 monitored pages
  • Unlimited team members
  • Uptime check every 1 minute

You can support us by subscribing on one of the paid plans. Just click one of the signup buttons to try the free tier. You will be able later to upgrade to a paid plan in your account settings.

If you want a free and unlimited version, you can also host your own version of botnbot. Just visit our Github page.